Our Fiber

Each one of our designs is crafted from vegetable fibers obtained from the leaves of a tropical American plant native of some regions in the Andean countries. The variety we used belongs to the Furcraea genus and it is known for its softer and lighter texture when compared to other varieties of the Furcraea specie, which are rougher and thicker.

Our artisans have worked with this vegetable fiber since pre-Columbian times using traditional handcrafted techniques that date centuries. These techniques are still being used in every stage of the production and transformation of the fiber, from growing and cropping, sourcing and distribution, to its transformation into different final materials.

When you wear one of our designs you are contributing to the sustainability of our ecosystems. Our vegetable fiber is sourced in an environmentally friendly manner from a plant that requires minimum water and use of pesticides. The sourcing and transformation process is mostly made in an artisanal way with minimum use of heavy machinery or equipment which contributes to less carbon monoxide emissions that are common in the heavily industrialized fashion sector. Lastly, our fiber is 100% biodegradable, which means that after its life cycle, it would not end up pilling on a large landfill for ever; it would be broken down in a matter of moths into its base compounds.

Our artisans are highly skilled in the production of our designs. Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted to achieve a unique, trendy and high quality bag to last a life time. Each of our designs are 100% hand made and take a significant amount of hours to complete.