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Our handbags are crafted from vegetable fibers native to countries in South America. Our artisans have worked with these vegetable fibers since pre-Columbian times using century old techniques from the production of the fiber to its transformation into different final materials.

When you wear one of our vacation handbags you are contributing to the sustainability of our ecosystem. Our vegetable fiber is sourced in an environmentally friendly manner from  plants that require minimum water and the use of pesticides. The sourcing and transformation process is mostly made in an artisanal way with minimum use of heavy machinery or equipment which contributes to less harmful emissions that are common in the heavily industrialized fashion sector. 

Lastly, our fiber is 100% biodegradable, which means that after its life cycle, it would not end up on a large landfill for an extended period of time; it would be broken down in a matter of months into its base compounds.

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