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Inspired by the feeling of joy, colors vibrancy, and abundance that can only be captured by the spirit of the natural world. You will look great using one of our bags from the READY FOR THIS Collection, whether it is to just hang out or to glam up your night on the town. You will feel great too as you know you are doing your part for the environment and for local artisans carrying on a centuries old tradition.

Each one of our natural fiber clutch bags is hand woven or made on vertical looms that are manually operated. Our workforce is almost entirely made up of local artisans who rely on the production and transformation of this wonderful vegetable fiber, fique, for their livelihood.

VIASOUTH Designer Collection, READY FOR THIS, has been designed and created by a minority owned company to bring color, joy and happiness into your life while at the same time sustaining and protecting our environment.

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VIASOUTH is a destination for handmade, unique, and eco-friendly resort accessories. We design and source products that tell a story and satisfy the increasing demand for beautiful, hard-to-find items.

VIASOUTH collection is curated for the trendy-savvy and environmentally conscious customer. Our collection offers a combination of meticulously crafted and eco-friendly resort handbags made from vegetable fibers and natural materials.

We have assembled a strong team of local artisans, designers and micro-businesses who share our passion for all things handmade and provide us with our handsome products. We are sure you will find something you will love and be able to tell a story about it.

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